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  • Galaxy Face Mask With Filter Pocke

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    One of our favorite mask The Galaxy Face Mask

    😷  Ladies and Teens Face Mask

    🇺🇸  Handmade in the USA  

    ✅  Adjustable elastic straps with silicone beads 

    ✅ Filter Pocket

    1 Carbon Filter 

    ✅ All 3 Layers of 100 % Great Quality Quilting Cotton fabric.

    ✅ Masks are pleated to allow room for your nose and chin, giving you the option to adjust the mask to better fit your face.

    ✅ The pattern is made to fit like a medical-grade face mask.

    ✅ Nose area wire to better fit a face without leaving any possible open spaces for droplets to pass.

    ✅ Removable nose wire.

    ✅ Double stitch on the sides to reinforce the pleats.

    ✅ Lightweight, durable, reusable, and washable.

     ♻️ ECO Friendly (cotton is completely biodegradable)

    ☑️  One size fits most.

    📏 Size:

    Adult Mask

    Length: 6” - 6.5 “ 

    Height: 3” - 3 1/2”

    Can expand to 6” To cover the nose and chin.

    Please Note: ♦️Do not use on children under 2 years old. This can become a suffocation risk.

    Important: We advise using a natural fiber filter for your masks, vacuum filters can contain fiberglass or harmful materials. Please read the material filters contain before use.

    All face mask sales are final and cannot be returned.

    This is not a medical mask.

    Please allow 1 to 4 days for your order to be processed. 


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