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♻️ Gold Stars Face Mask With Filter Pockets


 Ladies and Teens Face Mask

    Pink Fabric and Gold Metallic Stars 

    🇺🇸  Handmade in the USA  

     ♻️ ECO Friendly (cotton is completely biodegradable)

    ✅  Adjustable elastic straps.

    ✅ Filter Pocket

    1 Carbon Filter 

    ✅ All 3 Layers of 100 % Great Quality Quilting Cotton fabric.

    ✅ Masks are pleated to allow room for your nose and chin, giving you the option to adjust the mask to better fit your face.

    ✅ The pattern is made to fit like a medical-grade face mask.

    ✅ Removable nose wire

    ✅ Lightweight, durable, reusable, and washable. 

    ☑️  One size fits most.

    📏 Size:

    Adult Mask

    Length: 6” - 6.5 “ 

    Height: 3” - 3 1/2”

    Can expand to 6” To cover the nose and chin.

    Please Note: ♦️Do not use on children under 2 years old. This can become a suffocation risk.

    Important: We advise using a natural fiber filter for your masks, vacuum filters can contain fiberglass or harmful materials. Please read the material filters contain before use.

    This is not a medical mask.

    All face masks sales are final and cannot be returned.

    Please allow 1 to 4 days for your order to be processed. 

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